The Gay Refugee Lawyer Who Helped Fight The Muslim Ban

Years ago, Luis Mancheno fled his native Ecuador, fearing for his life as a gay man. He said America saved him and now as an immigration lawyer, he wants to make sure it saves others. He helped deliver the first blow to President Trump's travel ban.

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Japanese Internment Survivors Speak Out in Defense of Muslims

Japanese-Americans Imprisoned For Ethnicity Speak Out In Defense Of Muslims: “It was all based on race hysteria, xenophobia in the past, and you don’t want that to repeat again.”

Produced for The Huffington Post. 

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On The Road With Joe Biden

I spent the day on the campaign trail with Vice President Joe Biden.

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10 Years After Immigration Backlash, Donald Trump Is Reopening This Town's Old Wounds

A decade ago, the small city of Hazelton, PA tried to outlaw undocumented immigrants. Now with a Donald Trump candidacy, the fears and wounds of that time are resurfacing.

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Courting the Muslim Vote

Hillary Clinton Is Organizing Muslim Voters. They Could Decide The Election. Muslims are fighting Donald Trump’s rhetoric in the electoral arena.

Produced and reported for The Huffington Post

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Going the last mile to provide family planning in Lao PDR

In Lao PDR, a UNFPA-supported programme is bringing contraceptives and reproductive counselling to women in even the most remote villages. 

Shot, and produced for UNFPA.

Midwives save lives in South Sudan

Produced and edited for UNFPA. Footage by Jessica Dimmock.

South Sudan has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. In a country of over 10 million, there are less than 10 fully qualified midwives to help deliver babies. The Juba College of Nursing and Midwifery is looking to change that.


The short documentary film I am filming and producing with Endless Roots Productions on artist Killy Kilford's effort to change Newark. Read more about the effort in NY MAG.

UN Day Concert for Peace with Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder headlines a star-studded birthday bash at the United Nations.

Shot for UN Web Tv.

Anthony Mackie's 'Dreadlock' Controversy

Hollywood star Anthony Mackie's comments about the appearance of African-American men landed him in hot water.

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Ban Ki-Moon opens Four Freedoms Park

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and Anna Roosevelt, the grand daughter of FDR, honor the late president, at a ceremony during the opening week of Roosevelt Island’s Four Freedoms Park.

Shot for UN Web TV.

Sting rocks the UN

The day before I filmed Stevie Wonder’s concert for the UN’s birthday, I had a couple minutes to film Sting rehearse “Fragile”.

This is just footage shot during Sting’s rehearsal at the UN before he played “Fragile” with Stevie Wonder the following night. It’s one camera, no master audio from the soundboard and, yes, overexposed at times. It’s just for fun and cutting footage with Sting in it.

Bolivia's president vs The United Nations

A team of top officials, staff members and ambassadors to the UN played in a friendly match in New York City against President of Bolivia Evo Morales’ team during the 67th session of the General Assembly.

Shot for UN Web TV.

Sierra Leone's superstar musicians

Born out of Sierra Leone’s civil war, Bajah + The Dry Eye crew bring their hip-hop sounds of peace to America. Shot and produced for CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

Hollywood casts America's new enemy

Scared of losing Chinese investors, Hollywood turns North Korea into the villians of the new “Red Dawn” remake. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

A small piece written and produced for Fareed Zakaria GPS.

CNN: Playing golf in a war zone

Ever wanted to play golf in a war zone. Here’s your chance in Kabul. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

A small piece written for “Fareed Zakaria GPS” on how to play golf in the middle of a war zone.

New tour for children launched at United Nations HQ

Shot for UNTV.

“On Monday the 11th of February, a brand new Guided Tour, tailored especially for children, launched at United Nations HQ. UNTV was there, accompanying a few Secretary-General’s in-training, along the way.”

CNN: In the green room with Bill Maher

A quick interview with Bill Maher in the green room of Fareed Zakaria GPS. a few quick questions and candid answers. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Protest and prayer in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM – In March Israeli forces barred Palestinian men under 50 from praying at Al Aqsa Mosque. This was in response to violent clashes that arose in response to an expansion of Israeli settlements and the reopening of the Hurva Synagogue. On the second straight Friday of March 2010 the women protested outside the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem’s old city while the man prayed peacefully in protest in the streets.

Steinway Street Split

NEW YORK – A World Cup qualifying match between Egypt and Algeria sent their respective fans pouring into the streets. The two sides split Steinway street right down the middle while their team’s fate hung in the balance.

E.S.L: English as a Social Language

For the Arab Women of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, their English as a Second Language classes are not just a way to learn a new language.

They also serve as the women’s primary social outlet.

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Fighting through the financial crisis

View the full multimedia package (story, slideshow, and video) @Digital Media Newsroom

NEW YORK – Dario Diaz spent most of 2009 unemployed. This mutlimedia story shows the emotional toll on him, his girlfriend and his young son after he lost his bank job during the worst recession in 70 years.